It is believed that music is the greatest creation of man. Why? Well, regardless of race, gender, culture, nationality or faith, music is integral to every aspect of life. It reaches down and connects to the heartbeat of every soul. In essence, its effect on us earmarks a difference between us and animals. Music is a powerful force.

So it is no surprise that music is the undercurrent of different events in our lives. It’s important to have the right music for the right situation. That’s where a capable DJ comes in. It is the responsibility of the DJ to be both seen and not seen at the same time. If a DJ is doing the job right, everyone has a good time. If not, complaints and unrest abound!

I would love to have the opportunity to provide DJ services for your next event – be it a wedding, a special party or a holiday gathering. Check out some of my work and I am confident you will know that I am the right person to make your event special, memorable and a lot of fun! Thank you for your consideration!